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Orsi és Gábor esküvői templomi szertartásán készült kép a dekorációról
Dóri és Matyi esküvői kreatív fotózása a naplementében a Dunaharaszti Rendezvényházból

Frequently asked questions

Based on the experience of the past years, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions in order to help you, to have the answers you may have at the interest stage.

"Questions encourage you to look for answers."

Can I choose only photo or film service?

Yes, you can choose only photo or film service, but you can save some money if you hire us together, becuase we offer discount if you do so.

If you have any further questions, let's make an appointment for a short meeting where we can discuss all the issues.


Phone: +36-30-717-8422

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